At Monday night’s meeting Sydney artist Nick Hollo gave a fascinating presentation on Sydney’s coastline, how the harbour was formed and the importance of lagoons, wetlands and creeks.
Nick’s oil pastel drawings reflect his strong interest in, and understanding of, waterways and the environment generally.
Sydney has a pattern of ridges, catchments and waterways, and a common pattern of how dunes, lagoons and creeks along the east coast. These various waterways provide a vital connection between the coast and hinterland. These are important in providing a series of habitats essential not only for aquatic life, but also birds, reptiles and insects. Another key role of waterways involves retaining and filtering water after rains and providing a buffer from coastal storm surges.
Sydney’s eastern suburbs have lost creeks, wetlands and lagoons in areas such as Maroubra, Coogee, Clovelly and Bronte. Nick’s painting below shows today’s closely settled Bronte and the same location in 1788 with lagoon.