Posted on Dec 13, 2021
Fellow Rotarians and Friends, 
After a very tumultuous year, we have now come to the season when we celebrate with family & friends to give thanks, renew our faith and love for one another.
It is a time to celebrate all the achievements, achieved under very difficult and unprecedented times, and also recharge for a new year with optimism and energy.
With this in mind, I would like to sincerely thank all of you for persevering and pressing on with our Rotary meetings and projects.
I would like to personally thank Judi for her many contributions to the club and Wayne for taking over as our Treasurer. Especially a big thank you to John for the tremendous amount of secretarial works he has managed including our banking and investments. A very special thank you to Vivienne for keeping our current projects with the SECC and WeftShop going. Thank you also to Michael for his phenomenal knack to attract excellent guest speakers. Also, a very special thanks to Simon for representing me in conducting the face-to-face meetings and events. Special thanks to the 'editorial' team Emma, Eileen and Joe, and to Jan for his continued work on the market project. 
In the new year, we hope to recommence our regular face-to-face meetings. The first meeting will be the Eastern Suburbs joint meeting. The RC Bondi Junction will host this meeting at the Eastern Suburbs Rugby Club on Tuesday, 18th January 2022. Hence our first meeting at the Juniors will be the following week on January 24, 2022.
I wish you all a very peaceful and loving Christmas, and a healthy and back to 'normal' 2022 .