A library that we helped build
Our Maroubra Rotary Member Dee Mills spoke at our recent meeting about her latest visit to the Philippines. She travels there annually for business and whilst there visited the primary school that our club and Dee's business and friends network has supported over the last 5 years. It's via our generosity that this school of over 3000 students even has a library. The students at the school live in the surrounding shanty town and has no running water. It's collected in rainwater tanks and buckets are used to flush the toilets. Drinking water is paid for and brought in. Due to the pandemic, it's the first time Dee has visited the school in 3 years and it was an excellent opportunity to connect face to face. Besides running water (if anyone knows how to negotiate with 5-star hotel chains because the school is over the back fence of at least 4 hotels and perhaps we could just run a pipe from their property...), they still appreciate reading books and teaching resources (posters and charts for the walls) and of course, we need the $$ to send these items to the Philippines. Dee will let us know when she's doing another collection of books. Right now she needs $$ to send 8 large boxes, full of books and resources. The boxes cost $145 each to send.