RYLA is an amazing leadership program for young adults aged between 19 and 25. Applications are welcome until November 30th. 
The 7-day program typically has 75 participants and focuses on leadership, personal development, teamwork and community awareness. RYLA features presentations from many experts who generously donate their time and experience to further the development of young leaders. The program combines workshops and presentations to fully explore the fundamentals of effective leadership.
All RYLA participants are generously sponsored to attend by a local Rotary club. RYLA costs $780 (inc GST) for each participant.
RYLA is an opportunity to understand yourself and others, and understand what it means to be a leader. Amazing connections with fellow participants will be formed, and the impact on your life will go well-beyond the 7 days you spend together.
The program is for people aged around 19 to 25, as this is a great time after High School to understand yourself more and what you want out of life. We are seeking anyone that wishes to make an impact on the community and are committed to ongoing learning.
Applications close on 30 November 2021
For more information and an application form