Welcome back to the Presidency of the Rotary Club of Maroubra.
Simon was the Club President in 2020-21 and has returned to continue the good community and Rotary works of the Rotary Club of Maroubra.
In Simon's words:
Hi all and welcome to a new era in Rotary-ing, I am delighted to be your leader and font of all wisdom! Thanks to IPP Francis and his team for everything they did to keep us on track as I feel I have inherited a well-oiled machine that is facing in the right direction. I have put together a basic plan as to what I’d like to see the club achieve/do for the year, if anyone would like a copy just ask and I will forward it to you. I think if we all pitch in a little it will make light work of things so I look forward to you attending some meetings and bringing your friendship, your ideas and your enthusiasm.
We all look forward to a very successful year under Simon.