Our clubs are where Rotary’s humanitarian work begins. At weekly meetings, members not only catch up with friends and hear what’s happening in our communities; they also exchange ideas for creating positive change. But it doesn’t stop there.
These projects are undertaken by all Rotarians in all Clubs throughout the world joining
together to tackle the issues that can never be undertaken by a single club. These actions
complement the work undertaken in the local community by individual clubs. Our club, formed in 1960 has initiated and supported numerous projects in the local community including the Maroubra Fun Run and supporting City to Surf.

We give one-off assistance to local institutions and projects that cover a variety of socio-
economic issues such as:
  • domestic violence;
  • loneliness and isolation amongst older people living in assisted accommodation;
  • people with a disability;
  • mental health issues; and
  • people living in poverty.
We have specific overseas projects that we support such as assisting low socio-economic schools in The Philippines, providing mosquito nets to a Sri Lankan hospital and funding sanitary hygiene in Sri Lanka.  Assistance is also given to women refugees on the Thai-Burma border to make them financially independent and able to educate their children, provide for their families and keep themselves safe from the risk of people trafficking and abject poverty.

The Rotary Club of Maroubra is always looking for ways to strengthen the local community and we achieve this by forming partnerships and good working relationships with other Rotary Clubs, Community organisations, the local police force and local and State government representatives.