David Nguyen of DigitalX was our guest speaker. DigitalX wishes to make people’s lives better by making Safer, Securer and Smarter products via innovation and technology. DigitalX's Open-AIoT Platform for Home is the truly 4.0 Smart Home solution where your Home is there to fully serve you. This true All-in-one platform utilises all smart devices, making it easily connect and securely interact with the H2X Cloud and other connected IoT devices.
In simple language, this means that your home can be hooked up to different tech devices such as smart sensors and smart cameras using AI to detect, predict and automate the process in the case of incident or emergency events happen as well as smart locks, smart switches, lights, speaker, smart curtain, aircon, TV, fridge, washing machine and dishwasher. In other words, you can set up your home to be energy sufficient and secure. This system has great application in age care as it can be set up to alert designated persons and services in the case of an emergency like reporting a fall or medical emergency. The added benefit is that the system can save up to 30% on power bills.